Brantford, ON N3T 1H9, CA

Canadian Reggae in the GTA

Smooth Sounds & Good Vibrations

About Us

The Moose


The Moose (Andy) was born and raised in the small beach town of Southampton Ontario. With influences such as Dave Matthews, Bob Marley and Jack Johnson you get a true taste of where he comes from in his own style of music. Starting out as a solo musician, Andy was always seeking a band to jam with but instead has found something very real with The Alpines. You can often hear his Honeysuckle voice on many of our tracks alongside with his rhythm guitar and sometimes bass lines.

The Bear


The Bear (Donato) Was born and raised in the Brantford area. The bear has travelled all over and Lived out in Victoria for many important years of his life. With listening to musical influences such as The Beautiful Girls and West Coast artists like Jon and Roy, Don has been molded into the phenomenal drummer that he is today. Don has a deep understanding of reggae music and is the foundation of our sound. The Bear is a true character and is guranteed to be the first person you talk to at any of our shows. 

The Hawk


The Hawk (Keith) was born and raised in the Brantford area. Keith has been in many different types of bands, playing a variety of different genres. As a result of this, Keith has a ton of experience in the live music scene, along with the challenging process of songwriting. Keith is one of the most laid back dudes you could ever meet and his smooth, technical bass lines are a true reflection of his character and experience. Keith not only slaps the bass but also plays guitar, sings back up and lead on many of our songs.   

Saxaphone Mike


Mike adds to the band more than we could have ever imagined. His skills on the saxophone will be sure to get you lost in the music. He's a graduate of the university of Windsor Ontario in music and it shows! He brings the smooth sounds and good vibrations to the Alpines! Recently Mike has become a full time member of the band and we couldn't be happier. Mike is one of the most genuine characters we have ever met, be sure to talk to him at any of our shows.   

Scott Wheeler


Scott is the reason why people are starting to hear about us and take us seriously. He works tirelessly reaching out to bands, venues, and festivals gaining us some traction in a tough industry. Scotts deep love for reggae music and outgoing personality makes him a perfect member of this band!